Top Baits for Trapping Rabbits: Give These a Shot

Photoby inkknife_2000 / CC BY / CC BY

When it comes to rabbit trapping, there are two main concerns. First would be the location of the trap and the second is the quality and type of bait. The most complicated and efficient trap in the world would be of little value if the prey in question has no motivation to trigger it. There are several schools of thought when it comes to the ideal bait; in a way, they are almost like secret family recipes for chili. One person may swear by one type of bait while another might have little success with it once and denigrate it forevermore.

The key to preparing the ideal bait is to understand all the factors that influence the rabbit’s preference for it. Weather, ambient temperature, proximity to more appetizing food, the species of rabbit in question and rate of decay are all quite crucial considerations. So spend some time researching the area and the animal before you commit to one kind of bait over the other.

That being said, research and observation can only take you so far when determining the baits for trapping rabbits. Unless lady luck happens to favor you considerably, some trial and error is pretty much a given before you figure out the best bait for your situation. So start out with the basic bait, and if unsuccessful, then work your way up to the unusual ones.

Try not to interfere with your trap or change the bait before giving it a decent amount of time to work. The more you fuss with the trap, the stronger the scent that you leave on it. Bait has the added task of covering up enough of the human scent for the rabbit to approach the trap and you should do all you can to lessen that burden.

So with that in mind, here is a list, in no particular order, of the best bait for trapping rabbits.

Carrots and Leafy Vegetables:
Seeing as how rabbits are herbivores, it makes perfect sense that leafy and root vegetables would make for decent rabbit bait. It is better to use these vegetables during the winter months, as food is scarce then and rabbits are more desperate. Another trick would be to create a short trail of vegetable bait leading up to the trap itself, so that the rabbit has time to lower its guard.

Apples and Apple Cider:
Despite what certain cartoons may have taught you, rabbits don’t subsist only on carrots. They are also notorious apple fiends and the fruit can be very successful as bait, even if it’s only the core or is slightly old. A really useful trick is to spray or coat the inside of the trap with apple cider, because this will essentially eliminate the human scent from the trap.

Hard Corn:
This is an underused bait for rabbit hunting, but some people swear by it. What is appealing about corn is that rabbits seem to be drawn to it regardless of the season. So be sure to give it a try if the above mentioned baits aren’t cutting it for you. To mention, its also extremely cheap and you can buy it in bulk.

I’d like to leave you with one last bit of advice; avoid rabbit “pet” food sold at stores. They are ineffective when applied to wild rabbits and are comparatively expensive to boot. Hopefully this list of best baits for trapping rabbits came in help, it may take a little time figuring out what works best but you’ll eventually start catching rabbits in no time!