Top Most Effective Rabbit Traps

rabbit traps that work
Photoby ddebold / CC BY / CC BY

There are many kinds of rabbit traps and many more opinions on how effective each of them can be. But if you’re reading this, then it’s safe to assume that you are at least marginally interested in our opinion for the time being. This article serves to list our top 2 picks for the most effective rabbit traps and why. For a more detailed look at the basic kinds of rabbit traps or the most common methods used to catch rabbits, please read these articles: [Rabbit Trapping Types] and [How to Catch and Trap a Rabbit].

As always, keep in mind that rabbit trapping won’t always come easy. I mean, you’ll hear stories from people who So here are our top 2 picks for the most effective rabbit traps, in no particular order:

The Supported Snare Loop Rabbit Trap:
It should come as no surprise that we’ve included the Supported Snare Loop Trap in our rather short list. This trap has it all; simplicity, cheap and easily available components and consistent results once the specifics have been optimized. Throw in the fact that the trap is humane and doesn’t rely on bait and you have a prime choice for nabbing yourself a rabbit. While some might argue that the effort required for identifying the ideal snare site and the trial and error of determining the perfect loop dimensions make for a rather tedious ordeal, we respectfully beg to differ.

In fact, those same reasons are precisely why this snare trap is so appealing; with every unsuccessful attempt or poor snare site choice you slowly acclimate yourself with the surrounding trapping grounds. Choosing this trap will slowly but surely give you crucial information about the woods and will familiarize you not only with the location, types and habits of the rabbits, but also other fauna located in the region. In other words, trapping this way will also make you a better woodsman and even hunter should you choose to diversify. For more information on this type of snare, please read this article on [How to Make a Rabbit Snare].

This trap is almost a given considering how many people use it, obviously a contender for Top Most Effective Rabbit Traps.

The Double Door Cage Live Trap:
And here is our other choice for the ideal rabbit trap. The Double Door Cage Live Trap is the epitome of simplicity and ease of use. This cuboidal metal cage has a trapdoor at both ends, so it doubles your chances of luring a rabbit into the trap. The bait is placed in the middle of the trap, sometimes with a short bait trail leading in from outside the trap itself, to help lower the rabbit’s guard.

We would recommend cage traps over box traps because this way you can actually see what critter your trap has captured. Plus you get a few more options when it comes to subduing the rabbit prior to extraction. The only real effort required when it comes to this trap is the choice of bait. To help with that choice, you might want to take a look at our article on [Best Rabbit Baits for Trapping].

The choice of which of the above traps to use is entirely a question of mindset and overall purpose. If you’re serious about the hobby of rabbit trapping and enjoy spending time in the woods, then the Supported Snare Loop Trap is definitely the way to go. But if you’re just interested in clearing out rabbits as pests or capturing them as pets or for food, then the Double Door Cage Live Trap is the easier option for you by far.

Decide what you want to do won’t be always easy. Depending on where you are from and what kind of environment that brings, it will obviously change what is considered to be one of the Top Most Effective Rabbit Traps. You can read all you want about trapping though, but you’ll eventually need to use these skills and give it a shot yourself. Heck, you may even learn more from experience trapping outdoors that here on the internet! Good luck!