Easy and Cheap Rabbit Traps: 2 Easy Traps That Will Work

super easy rabbit trap
Photoby peganum / CC BY / CC BY

Rabbit traps come in all shapes and sizes and the best traps are usually perfected after several iterations of homemade failures. Also, there is definitely something to be said about the satisfaction of trapping a rabbit with a device or setup that you fashioned with your own hands. That certainly feeds perfectly into the survivalist mindset if you ask me. The goal of this article is to list the two most practical and effective homemade rabbit traps around and basic instructions on how to construct them.

This list only supplies the cheapest and easiest rabbits traps. So instead of having to create your own traps and setups, we have that covered for you! Without further ado, here are the top 2 homemade rabbit traps, in no particular order:

Supported Snare Loop Rabbit Trap:
If you’ve been reading some of the other articles on this site, then you will certainly have noticed that we’re quite fond of the supported snare loop rabbit trap. It really is the ideal choice for trapping small critters like rabbits and squirrels and is also the cheapest trap that you could possibly make to boot. All you need is some snare wire and small branches and twigs of varying sizes.

Other ingredients include a lot of legwork to locate the isolated spots on the rabbit trail and a decent amount of patience to set up and reconfigure the snare. But the joy that you’ll experience once you’ve successfully snared your first rabbit will be more than worth the effort. The fact that this trap doesn’t require bait (and is actually hindered by it) is certainly another appealing reason to consider it for your trapping needs. You can see why this is one of the easy and cheap rabbit traps to work with.

Retrieving the rabbit from the snare can take some getting used too though. For tips on how to do so as well as step by step instructions on how to fashion your own snare trap, please head over to our articles on [How to Remove Rabbits from Traps] and [How to Make a Rabbit Snare].

The Box Rabbit Trap:
The box rabbit trap is fairly easy to make and is based on the simple principle of gravity. One edge of a cardboard box with the bottom face opened up or cut out is balanced on a stick or branch that is at an angle to the ground. The bottom end of this precariously balanced branch or stick is tied to the bait, usually a carrot or some other root vegetable. The trap is triggered when the rabbit is lured under the box and interacts with the bait.

You’re probably thinking, “This won’t work…” or “This only works in cartoons”.. People in survival situations have used this method with success and can be really easy once you get the hang of it. Simply put: Try, try and try again until it works.

This disturbs the already unsteady stick and the box comes down on the rabbit, trapping it quite decisively. Despite the simple concept, this trap is surprisingly effective. There are a couple of drawbacks, however; one being that the trap could accidentally capture unintended prey and the other is that it is very susceptible to the elements. One thing that you need to make sure though is that the box or container you are using that comes down on the rabbit is heavy enough where they simply won’t push it out of the way once it falls.

Despite all that, this is definitely a solid, simple and easy homemade option to trap rabbits. For help on selecting the ideal bait for the box rabbit trap, go ahead visit our article on [Best Rabbit Baits for Trapping].

Maybe Its Time To Buy In
You may just simply get too fed up with the typical rabbit trapping traps and just want to buy in. That’s fine and all, just make sure you are getting a good enough deal. Personally, we rarely use our homemade traps anymore but we’ve been through many commercial ones too. Its all about finding the best trap for your money along with finding one that actually works.

Forewarning, some rabbit traps are just built too cheap and you will end up hating it; not only because you spent too much, but because you wasted soo much.

Take a few hints from us instead of wasting money like we did on those crappy rabbit traps that won’t produce any results. If you are interested in buying a decent rabbit trap, check out our rabbit trap reviews article and you will find the best rabbit trap for your money! Even if it may cost you a little, you’ll be saving too much in the long run.

Obviously this isn’t a huge list of easy and cheap homemade rabbit traps, but I have to say it might be the most effective though. Hopefully we will get some homemade rabbit trap plans up too so it will be more clear.