Top Fisher Trapping Sets: Don’t waste time trying others!

Photoby gruenewiese / CC BY / CC BY

So you’ve finally decided to graduate from novice trapping and move on to the big leagues. Fishers (or Fisher cats as they are also known, despite the fact that they aren’t feline) are not what you’d call easy prey. They are some of the most aggressive and large furbearing predators from the weasel family in the North American continent and they are quite clever to boot.

Few animals learn from traps as quickly and efficiently as the fisher. And while their fur is quite thick and soft depending upon the season, there are usually easier pickings if fur is all you’re looking for. The real reason to trap fisher is the fact that they are difficult to catch and their pelts mark you as a veteran trapper.

They’ve been trapped to near-extinction multiple times in the past; as a result their seasons tend to be short and require extra attention to detail to be taken advantage of. This article serves to list and briefly elucidate the top 3 fisher trapping sets. Obviously this will vary from trapper to trapper, so just take it as a general guide; maybe you’ll end up succeeding too!

Leaning Pole Fisher Trapping Set:
A leaning pole set is one that utilizes a thin (relative to a tree trunk) branch or pole fitted with bait and a trap, usually a conibear. The pole is secured to a nearby tree at an incline so as to offer a simpler path to the tree-climbing animal. This set is fairly useful for trapping fisher during the summer when they are more likely to climb the pole for the bait; during winter they are usually quite lethargic unless starved, but this set can be effective then as well. The point to keep in mind is that the tree you’re leaning the pole on must have a fairly thin trunk; otherwise the fisher might get to the bait through the tree instead, completely bypassing your trap.

Live Cage Fisher Trapping Set:
This set utilizes a cage or box trap and attempts to capture the fisher alive. Since fisher cats are quite intelligent and trap-wary, you must pay special attention when camouflaging your trap to avoid any suspicion. Fisher cats will avoid unfamiliar material such as metal if clearly visible. You will need bait, usually in the form of beaver meat and preferably whole. Care should also be taken to use a large cage trap because a fully grown fisher male can be about 3 feet long. Try to place your trap in an isolated location with trees nearby. Use of a fishy or skunky lure is also recommended.

Box-Conibear Fisher Trapping Set:
This set is a combination of a box trap and a conibear trap. Use a large and fairly thick wooden box trap and cut open two grooves in the sides trailing from the open end of the box, roughly the size of the conibear hand holds. This will allow you to comfortably place a medium sized conibear trap inside the box trap; a combination that is quite deadly for the fisher. Trap placement is similar to other fisher sets; simply locate an isolated area of the fisher habitat with trees around. Bait is a necessity as well and our recommendation is beaver meat, preferably whole.