Best Power Bait For Rainbow Trout

best power bait for lake trout
Photoby Kasperbs / CC BY / CC BY

Finding the best Power Bait for Rainbow Trout can be hard. More often than not though, it will come down to a few different factors when trying to find the perfect bait you should use. Heck, you may not even find the best power bait to use either as factors are constantly changing.

We have found that both the bough and nuggets both work well for power bait fishing for rainbow trout. Along with that, Power Bait does work when you have figured out the right color. Simply put though, its not easy. Finding the Best Power Bait for Rainbow Trout color will take time and effort. Once you figure it out though, you will be catching trout in no time!

Factors To Finding The Best Power Bait For Rainbow Trout
Even though there are many factors, one of the main factors to watch out for is the water color when determining the Bait Power Bait For Rainbow Trout Fishing.
Water Color
Simply put, the water color alone will lead to certain colors doing well than others. Depending on how muddy the water is that you are fishing in will determine the power bait to try for rainbow trout.

For example, if the water is muddy or dark, than you should be using a brighter color to try to stand out in the water and get the trouts attention.

If the water is fairly clear, you will be able to get away with darker power baits without having to worry as the rainbow trout should be able to clearly see it. Trial and error will help you figure out the best power bait for rainbow trout.

You could even go down the path that your bait color could even change daily due to factors such as water temp, air temp, time of the day, depth that you are fishing at, distance from the earth to the moon, time of the year, and more.

Its best to not search for one answer, answers and try to come prepared with multiple kinds of the best power bait for rainbow trout. Power Bait is extremely effective for trout fishing but its best to be able to try different colors and kinds in case something simply doesn’t work.

Our Experience
There ends up to be multiple different kinds of bait that I consider the “Best Power Bait For Rainbow Trout”. Make sure you end up bringing both the dough and the nugget Power Bait for rainbow trout fishing, a variety of colors and try to give them all a try. You will more often than not find one particular color and variation working well for the day.

We often bring 7 or 8 different colors of Power Bait with us for rainbow trout fishing. In particular though, we have the most success with Rainbow, Green, Yellow (NOT Chartreuse), or even Red. It really will depend on the area that you are fishing in though. Throw on an 12-16″ of leader and a small hook such as the 8 or 10. Cast and let drift through the current, tumble to the bottom or just let it simply sit.

When applying the Power Bait, scoop out a piece that is about the size of your thumb and place it on end of the hook. After that, put some split shot roughly 8-12 inches above the hook. Finally place your bobber or float 5-12 inches above your split shot. It may take a few different casts to land a bite. If you don’t end up getting any bites, swap out the bait for another color.

Its best to also bring different set ups with you too. So pack some spinners, crankbaits, blade baits, jigs and flies. With all these in your arsenal, you will be bound to become the master angler of the rainbow trout on your next trip to the river!