Top 12 Tips and Tricks to Bass Fishing at Night

Photoby Shamli071 / CC BY

Bass Fishing at night is one of the best ways to go bass fishing along with brings a lot of benefits in itself. Even though it may seem a little crazy, you may even end up catching more bass than compared to fishing during the day. Before you give it a try, you might want to check out these top 12 Tips and Tricks to Bass Fishing at Night! Don’t get caught being unprepared.

Top 12 Tips and Tricks to Bass Fishing at Night
Keep in mind, these are just tips and tricks to bass fishing at night, they are nothing you have to follow but with our help, these tips will definitely help you out when you are out there in the dark!

Without further ado, here are our top 12 tips and tricks to bass fishing at night:

Dark Lures Work
From personal experience, I have found that dark lures turn out to be the best. Along with that, make sure that they float near the surface so they fish will think its a insect due to it standing out when the fish looks up at the lighter sky.

Glowing Bobbors/Lit Bobbers Help but Aren’t Completely Needed
These glowing bobbers are really nifty in fishing at night but sometimes create more problems than they are worth. Sometimes, they simply are just too bright and end up scaring all the fish away. At other times, they allow you to see if you have a bite at a distance and the fish could care less if you have it attached. Give it a try and if its simply just not working out, swap it out for something else.

Frog Lures Patterns Simply Work
Often when fishing at night, this is my go to lure in my fishing arsenal. Due to all the action the frog lure makes on the surface, the bass strike’s are relentless and more often than not will resulting in catching a bass at night.

Bass Still Cluster Near Cover
Even though it may be the night, bass tend to still hover near cover. With that rule in mind, try to fish any of your day spots and you will most likely end up catching a bass in the very same spot.

Try the Shallows
Even though the bass may prefer the deep in the day, you may want to try the shallows at night. Once the water starts cooling down, the bass will move from the deeps and start feeding in the shallows. Try casting near logs, lily-pads and more.

Bright Contrasting Lures Work
Lures that are bright and have contrasting colors often work well as they can stand out easily in the dark waters at night when fishing for bass.

Illuminated Areas Are Hotspots
Often boat lists and cabins/houses around the lake will have lights and more often than not, these become bass hotspots. Throw a few casts in and you may end up getting lucky!

Try Natural Baits
Natural bait like nightcrawlers or minnows seem to work great at night. Make sure you hook the fish under its lip or dorsal fin and you may end up with a few strikes.

Bigger Lures are Better
The bigger lures tend to catch more bass at night compared to smaller lures. Maybe its just because they are easier to find but they simply just tend to work better.

Bug Spray is Your Friend
If you’re lucky, you’ll go out on a cold night and end up with little to no bugs. If the night is warm, make sure you bring enough bug spray or it’ll be a horrible time bass fishing at night.

Bring a flashlight/Latern
You will want a flashlight or even a lantern at night or you’ll have trouble making setting up your line and typing lures. Even better would be a headlamp.

Full Moon Nights are Best
If you time your trip to bass fishing at night right, you’ll go out on a full moon night where you won’t need any extra light on your boat and you should be able to see everything with ease. By far one of my favorite out of all the tips and tricks to bass fishing at night.

There you have it! The top 12 tips and tricks to bass fishing at night! You can either follow them or ignore them but at the very least, you may want to try a few of these tips next time you go bass fishing at night!