Tips, Tricks and Techniques on Trapping Muskrats

Trapping muskrats is quite possibly the best way for one to induct oneself into the arcane world of trapping. There are just so many things the muskrat has going for it. Its soft fur, its meat (if prepared properly, of course), its complete lack of trap-shyness, its amphibious lifestyle (allowing for water and land trapping […]

Muskrat Slide Set: Best Tips and Techniques to Muskrat Trapping

What is a Muskrat Slide Set? Muskrats are rather bold creatures, and they have little problem travelling quite far from their dens for food should the need arise. And since they are semi-aquatic, they are as comfortable in the water as they are on land. The point where these topological preferences meet is also a […]

How to Remove Rabbits from Traps: Easy Tricks and Tips

So you’ve finally managed to trap that elusive rabbit after several failed attempts. You’re probably thinking to yourself that the hard part is over and all that’s left is to retrieve the animal from its prison. How hard could that possibly be, right? Well, the short answer is that it is harder than you think. […]

How to Snare a Rabbit: Trapping Made Easy

Rabbit snaring can be a tricky proposition. Unlike other types of rabbit traps, snares require a good deal of tweaking and legwork to actually be effective. Not to mention the fact that snare traps are essentially do-it-yourself by nature. Sure, you can purchase snare wire and starter kits, but setting up the trap is where […]

Basic Rabbit Snare Traps: Easy Snares That You Should Try

Rabbit trapping has always been a popular sport in most of the Western Hemisphere. Since they are small and skittish herbivores, the critters present little danger to the novice hunter or trapper. This low risk coupled with their nearly limitless potential to breed makes them ideal for the neophyte. Not to mention the fact that […]