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So you are interested in trying to trap some rabbits? People end up trying to trap rabbits for a variety of reasons. Some use them for food, others want rabbits for their fur and maybe just to get rid of them from chomping on their garden. Whatever your case may be, rabbit trapping can and will take some time to master for the most part.

One of the important areas that will determine how well you will be able to trap rabbits is your location. Some areas will often be much harder to catch rabbits compared to others, so you may need to get a bit of creative to other locations. We suggest that you may need to check out the early hours and stake out the area for your trap.

You may also get lucky just on a general location for your rabbit trap. Rabbit trapping can and will take time though. It’s important to note that you can’t give up right away. Just get used to it and put enough time in to learn the basics of rabbit trapping and it will go a long way.

Depending on the type device you use to catch rabbits will also determine how well your trapping will go. A few traps include: Box Traps, Snare Traps, and others.

We are here though to help you stop wasting time and get out there catching rabbits faster than you think. So instead of sitting and reading all day, we will get you out there catching rabbits.

Check out a few of our rabbit trapping articles that help you find out the best techniques such as what food to use for rabbit trapping, type of rabbit traps, ways to tie off a snare trap and much much more.

Types of Rabbit Traps

ways to trap and catch rabbits

There is a common misconception among laymen that hunting wild game and trapping wild game is essentially the same thing. After all, the end result is that some poor furry creature is taken from its habitat either dead or alive for the purposes of the hunter/trapper in either case. But even the novice trapper or hunter will tell you that …

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Easy and Cheap Rabbit Traps: 2 Easy Traps That Will Work

Easiest and Cheapest Homemade Rabbit Traps 2 Easy Traps That Will Work

Rabbit traps come in all shapes and sizes and the best traps are usually perfected after several iterations of homemade failures. Also, there is definitely something to be said about the satisfaction of trapping a rabbit with a device or setup that you fashioned with your own hands. That certainly feeds perfectly into the survivalist mindset if you ask me. …

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Top Most Effective Rabbit Traps

Rabbit about to be trapped

There are many kinds of rabbit traps and many more opinions on how effective each of them can be. But if you’re reading this, then it’s safe to assume that you are at least marginally interested in our opinion for the time being. This article serves to list our top 2 picks for the most effective rabbit traps and why. …

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Top 6 Ways to Catch and Trap Rabbits

how to catch and trap a rabbit with ease

Rabbit trapping has always been a popular sport in most of the Western Hemisphere. Since they are small and skittish herbivores, the critters present little danger to the novice hunter or trapper. This low risk coupled with their nearly limitless potential to breed makes them ideal for the neophyte. Not to mention the fact that their meat is quite palatable …

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Basic Rabbit Snare Traps: Easy Snares That You Should Try

Basic Rabbit Snare Traps Easy Snares That You Should Try

Rabbit snaring is, more than anything else, an exercise in patience and involves constant trial and error. If you’re in a hurry to nab a rabbit, then it would be best for you to look at one of the various other ways to trap or hunt them instead. Snaring is best employed when you’re willing to take your time and …

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How to Make a Rabbit Snare Trap

Photo of a rabbit snare

So you’ve decided to take the road less traveled and have opted out of using the more popular box or cage type rabbit traps? That decision is to be applauded, but do keep in mind that snare traps can take some trial and error and a good deal more research and legwork before you are successfully able to snare a …

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How to Snare a Rabbit: Trapping Made Easy

rabbit snaring

Rabbit snaring can be a tricky proposition. Unlike other types of rabbit traps, snares require a good deal of tweaking and legwork to actually be effective. Not to mention the fact that snare traps are essentially do-it-yourself by nature. Sure, you can purchase snare wire and starter kits, but setting up the trap is where most of the effort comes …

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Top Baits for Trapping Rabbits: Give These a Shot

Top Baits for Trapping Rabbits Give These a Shot

When it comes to rabbit trapping, there are two main concerns. First would be the location of the trap and the second is the quality and type of bait. The most complicated and efficient trap in the world would be of little value if the prey in question has no motivation to trigger it. There are several schools of thought …

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How to Remove Rabbits from Traps: Easy Tricks and Tips

about to remove a rabbit from a trap

So you’ve finally managed to trap that elusive rabbit after several failed attempts. You’re probably thinking to yourself that the hard part is over and all that’s left is to retrieve the animal from its prison. How hard could that possibly be, right? Well, the short answer is that it is harder than you think. You simply cannot reach your …

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