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7 Marten Trapping Tips, Tricks and Techniques

marten trapping tips

Marten are a nice change of pace when it comes to the trapping game. Marten trapping affords one the opportunity to take a scenic drive or hike into the chillier elevations that they inhabit; the breath-taking view is usually almost as much fun as trapping the marten is. Marten are also quite unique among furbearers in that they have several …

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How to Trap Marten: Easy Tricks and Tips

learning how to trap marten

The Marten is generally an easy animal to trap. While not quite as trusting as the muskrat, it is nowhere near as trap-wary as the fisher. The real challenge when it comes to trapping marten is to travel to their isolated habitats and to locate their specific territories. Their curious natures will pretty much ensure that they’ll be drawn to …

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Best Bait for Trapping Marten

best bait for trapping marten

Baiting your traps is usually an afterthought if you’re dealing with an animal whose trail you can easily track. The muskrat is a prime example of an animal where bait is more of a hindrance than it is helpful. But when your target of choice is the solitary marten, then lures and bait are your best friend. Some say that …

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