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catfish fishing tips
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Catfish Fishing Tips: Bigger, Better Catfishing

Catfishing is a tradition that goes back generations in many areas but there is always catfish fishing tips that you haven’t heard or known about. Don’t waste your time catching nothing, thankfully we have provided you with some of the best catfish fishing tips to help you start getting bigger and better fish! And always remember, the first step in fishing is simply just getting out there and taking action!

Catfish Fishing Tips: Top Tips To Improving Your Catch

  1. Current Matters
  2. If you’re river fishing, stay with the current! You’ll find a lot of catfish being within the current located around deep ledges, points, holes and more. One of my favorite spots is usually along steep banks.

  3. Catfishing Techniques Will Help
  4. Learn a few different catfishing techniques so you can try them out on the river/lake when you are searching. In particular, I’ve had a lot of success with simply drifting either fleely or controlled. Simply put, these will maximize how much area you’ll cover.

  5. Keep in mind the time of day
  6. You’ll have more success catfishing during the early morning or late evening. You can catch some of the biggest right as the sun is rising due to catfish being more active as they search for pray.

  7. Be Basic
  8. You don’t need fancy equipment and don’t go out wasting your money. Catfishing is a simple sport and doesn’t require much. Just using a Walmart fishing rod will work.

  9. Consider Whats Naturally Eaten
  10. Think like a catfish. Yes, they may sound a little crazy but you need to think what they may be eating naturally in the area that you are fishing. You’ll also want to experiment with a variety of baits as some baits will be far superior compared to others.

  11. Consider What Catfish You Are Going For
  12. Depending on what kind of catfish you are trying to catch, you need to take it into consideration. If you are looking to catch blue cats, you may want to use cut bait. If you are looking for flatheads, you will want to pull out live bait.

  13. Try the Caroline Rig
  14. Caroline Rig is by far the best fishing rig to use when catfishing. Not only does it keep your hook from getting snagged on the weeds and brush, but it also will show the bait off with no disadvantages. Its best to use this nearly every time for catfishing.

  15. Circle Hooks Rank Supreme
  16. The main benefit of circle hooks is that you won’t have to set the hook and its nearly impossible for the catfish to shake off the hook.

  17. Consider your Hook Size
  18. Keep in mind of the Hook Size. Most anglers will ignore this one tip out of all of the catfish fishing tips. You need to keep in mind of the fish that are in your waters along with what you’re trying to catch.

  19. Check Your Hooks
  20. If you’re getting bites but you don’t seem to be able to get them to bite on the hook, you need to check how sharp your hooks are. Usually if they are sharp, they can put scratches into your fingernails. Along with that, make sure the barb itself is exposed so it can grab onto the fish.

  21. Fishing from Shore Needs Longer Rods
  22. If you are fishing from the shore, you will want to use a longer rod so you can cast further and get your rigs exactly where you want them.

  23. Try Multiple Fishing Rods
  24. Depending on the regulations on your area, you may want to try a few different rods. First, check with your DNR and see if you are even allowed to use multiple rods. If you can, first try to use one and you can slowly add another or more. It’ll take practice but you’ll quickly learn how to use both at the same time.

  25. More the Merrier
  26. Bring company. Fishing alone is just boring and you’ll have a lot more fun if you go fishing with a friend. Along with that, you can both try different methods and see what is more effective. Maybe you’ve been doing something wrong all along?

  27. Seasonal Patterns are Essential
  28. Get to know the seasons. More often than not, you can learn where the catfish are traveling depending on the season if you spend enough time fishing. Once you learn the spots, you won’t have a problem finding them the following times.

  29. Give it Time
  30. Patience is key. You need to spend enough time out catfishing before you can say something doesn’t work. The worst anglers won’t spend enough time trying out on the water.

  31. Night Fishing Tips
  32. Usually people don’t always need catfish fishing tips for night, but these helpful products will get you started. You will most likely want some night bobbers in which are either powered by cyalume light sticks or by battery, large spot light, rod bells, and more. These will help you increase your catch when fishing at night.

  33. Try To Use a Depth Finder
  34. If you can get ahold of a depth finder or can afford one, you’ll soon love it. One of the best features of a depth finger is that it can tell you whats below cloudy water in terms of both depths and structures. After that, you can just keep a mental image where things are thus increasing the catfish you can catch.

  35. Just Use Monofilament
  36. If you are just getting into catfishing, you will want to use a cheap, semi stretchable line such as monofilament in case you end up getting snagged up.

  37. Heavier the Sinker, the Better
  38. Catfish will often roam on the bottom so make sure you have a heavy enough sinker to keep it on the bottom. If you by chance end up fishing in a area with a heavy current, you may want to add a heavier sinker so it doesn’t move in the swift current. You could also just use a flat sinker too.

  39. Look For Cover
  40. If you see cover, there’s a good chance catfish may be lurking there. You’ll have the most success fishing next to structures such as trees, rocks, bands, stumps and more as catfish will find cover there.

  41. Find Those Current Breaks
  42. Learn to find current breaks. Current breaks will hold some of the biggest catfish due to the calmer water. You won’t find catfish in heavy currents all the time due to all the effort it’ll take to keep swimming.

  43. Boat Positioning is Essential
  44. Figure out how to position your boat. Finding the best position that is close enough to your casting hole and yet not too far where you can’t reach it. This is one of the most important cat fishing tips to remember as whats the point of fishing when you can’t reach what you are casting at.

  45. Remember, they can “smell”
  46. Try to use their sense of smell to your advantage by using stinky, oily bait such as liver. Some people don’t believe in it, but catfish fishing with chicken liver is a old timers secret. Not only can you catch catfish with this bait, but it will also attract them from all over.

  47. Fishing Rod Holders Work
  48. If you are going for large catfish, you may want to be using a fishing rod holder so you don’t end up loosing your rod. One of the worst feelings is when you end up looking away just for a minute and find your rod no where in sight!

  49. Create Your Own Structures
  50. You can create your own man made structures that will attract catfish believe it or not. Simply throw some trees, branches etc and come back a few weeks later to check on your new fishing hole. Just don’t use anything that will pollute or litter in the process.

Feel free to follow what you would like and use the typical techniques that you are used to. When all fails though, just turn to these catfish fishing tips to help improve your catch!

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