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Best Bait For Bluegill: Top 8 Baits That You Must Try!

best bait for bluegill

Trying to figure out what the best bait for bluegill can be troublesome but once you figure out what is working for the day, you’ll be catching fish right and left in no time! Sometime though, you need to think out of the box, come prepared and be ready to experiment and try different things. You would be surprised what …

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Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Ice Fishing For Bluegill

ice fishing for bluegill

Bluegill fishing can be odne in a variety of ways that will leave you with a boat load of bluegill. In particular though, many anglers have started ice fishing for bluegill and its quickly growing in popularity as years go on. More often than not, the further south you go; the less anglers you will find who have ice fished. …

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Bluegill Fishing Tips, Tricks and Techniques

bluegill fishing tips

Its that classic time of the year to find out how to catch those really big bluegills! Grab your fishing pole, camera, net and get your fish on! Here are some bluegill fishing tips, tricks and even techniques that will help you catch ten times more bluegill on your next fishing trip! Without further ado, here are some bluegill fishing …

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