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How To Go Bass Fishing With Plastic Worms: Easy and Cheap

bass fishing with plastic worms

One of the most often used bass fishing lures is plastic. Yes, you heard right.. Plastic. Only the trophy bass anglers will know of this hidden lure for the big bass. One of the unique features that plastic bait brings is due to having a very long, thin, worm-like action that results in it appearing like a variety of prey. …

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Top 12 Tips and Tricks to Bass Fishing at Night

top 12 tips and tricks to bass fishing at night

Bass Fishing at night is one of the best ways to go bass fishing along with brings a lot of benefits in itself. Even though it may seem a little crazy, you may even end up catching more bass than compared to fishing during the day. Before you give it a try, you might want to check out these top …

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How to Catch Smallmouth Bass: Techniques to Easy Fishing

how to catch smallmouth bass

Smallmouth bass is a predator and feed on a variety of animals such as minnows, insects and even crustaceans. By chance when crayfish are common, you’ll find it to be over two thirds of their diet. Oddly enough, smallmouth bass have a smell in their skin that excretes and mimics the smell of a crayfish. This simple smell results in …

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Early Spring Bass Fishing: How to Catch Bass In the Spring

early spring bass fishing

One of the best times of the year to catch bass is in the spring. Often this is the prime time to even attempt bass fishing. Often for the professional anglers, the biggest bass will be caught between roughly early February and late May. Thankfully instead of having to struggle and waste time trying to catch a giant bass, we …

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Top 10 Early Spring Bass Fishing Lures That Work

spring bass fishing lures

Finally its early spring and its time for bass fishing! Time to hit it out on the lake and try to get some early spring bass. Often though, spring may be a challenge for most anglers and will be struggling to get the bass to bite after a cold winter. Spring offers only a few very basic early spring bass …

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