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Perch Fishing Tips, Tricks and Techniques

perch fishing tips

Perch are commonly a great game fish to go after. If you are the lucky few who live in the midwest, you will totally understand the desire for the Yellow Perch (Ringed Perch, Lake Perch, or Racoon Perch). Even though your local lake, stream, or river may not be the best place to go try fishing for perch, these tips …

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Muskie Fishing Tips, Tricks and Techniques

muskie fishing tips

Muskie fishing is often misunderstood for variety reasons. Some fishermen just need some simple Muskie fishing tips while others need to revamp their whole idea Muskie fishing. More often than not though even veteran and amateur anglers will both need a little information to help improve their fishing game when fishing for Muskie. You want to get to know the …

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Lake Trout Fishing Tips

lake trout fishing tips

Most people don’t even give lake trout a try or even consider something to fish for. In particular, people usually have trouble fishing for lake trout and the traditional methods that go along with it. First though, you probably should spend some time learning about Lake Trout themselves before jumping in and trying to fish for them right off the …

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Catfish Fishing Tips: Bigger, Better Catfishing

catfish fishing tips

Catfishing is a tradition that goes back generations in many areas but there is always catfish fishing tips that you haven’t heard or known about. Don’t waste your time catching nothing, thankfully we have provided you with some of the best catfish fishing tips to help you start getting bigger and better fish! And always remember, the first step in …

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Carp Fishing Tips, Tricks and Techniques

carp fishing tips

Carp Fishing is becoming more and more popular each year due to the ever growing population and interest. After seeing how big and massive carp can get, many anglers will end up giving carp fishing a try. These fish may not be the ideal eating fish, but boy do they put up a fight! Often anglers will simply just go …

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Best Bait For Bluegill: Top 8 Baits That You Must Try!

best bait for bluegill

Trying to figure out what the best bait for bluegill can be troublesome but once you figure out what is working for the day, you’ll be catching fish right and left in no time! Sometime though, you need to think out of the box, come prepared and be ready to experiment and try different things. You would be surprised what …

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How To Go Bass Fishing With Plastic Worms: Easy and Cheap

bass fishing with plastic worms

One of the most often used bass fishing lures is plastic. Yes, you heard right.. Plastic. Only the trophy bass anglers will know of this hidden lure for the big bass. One of the unique features that plastic bait brings is due to having a very long, thin, worm-like action that results in it appearing like a variety of prey. …

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Fishing For Sunfish in Lakes: Top tips to getting you started!

fishing for sunfish in lakes

Sometimes fishing for sunfish in lakes can just be frustrating. Especially when you are out there with the mind set that you will be catching big fish the whole time. I know personally I always have no problems catching those little tiny sunfish but that’s never what I have a goal for. Usually I find sunfish or panfish in general …

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How to Catch Sunfish: Tips, Tricks and Techniques

how to catch sunfish

Sunfish fishing is a ever increasing sport that is perfect for both getting people into the sport along with professional anglers looking to get some easy fishing in. In all honesty, this is one of the easiest fish you’ll find yourself getting and some even claim them to be the best tasting. How to Catch Sunfish You are probably wondering, …

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How to Catch Northern Pike

how to catch northern pike

You can’t just jump into any sport without learning skills and techniques. Fishing for northern pike is the same too. In particular, it can be either easier or harder depending on where you are fishing. Heck, your local lake might not even hold northern pike either. Lets get this started! Learning How to Catch Northern Pike in 4 Steps Figuring …

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